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Fullback John Kuhn to visit Cincinnati on Monday

One of the things (out of many) that hurt the team's rushing offense last year, was lacking a true fullback. After Jeremi Johnson was waived before the season started, while trying out guys like Reagan Mauia and J.D. Runnels throughout the season, the Bengals settled on using Daniel Coats in the backfield. Coats, like Reggie Kelly, are natural tight ends that line up in the backfield. Kelly mostly for pass protection at H-back; Coats as a lead blocker.

Next monday, the Bengals are hosting Green Bay fullback John Kuhn, who spent last Monday visiting with Arizona, writes Joe Reedy. Kuhn is a restricted free agent, but offered "the lowest value ($1.01 million), which would not require a team to give up any draft picks to sign him."