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Bengals confirm visit from quarterback J.T. O'Sullivan

Now that many of the top-tier free agents, at least the activity of big contract signings, has started to settle down, typically we enter one of two phases; all of free agency movements quiet down for a break, or we commence with a second-round of buzz, which are typically second-tier players. Backup players, more accurately.

The Bengals are definitely in the market for one veteran starting wide receiver, and one veteran backup quarterback. It was learned earlier today that Rex Grossman plans to visit our lovely Queen City on Thursday. The Bengals confirmed that J.T. O'Sullivan, another backup quarterback prospect, had already visited on Tuesday. O'Sullivan has played 14 career games, dating back to 2004 with the Packers, Lions and 49ers.

I know it doesn't sound sexy. However, our view is that if we're required to use our backup quarterback for any significant time, then the Bengals are in bad shape anyway. Therefore, we have stay the course. We have to keep our offensive line in mind as our primary focus.