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Tuesday Links and Notes: Palmer has optimism

James Walker likes Carson Palmer's optimism, saying "this is as optimistic as I've seen him in a long time". In the same piece, he grabs a quote from Keith Rivers in response to the new Hines Ward rule. "Things are going to happen; it's football." In other words, come across the middle. I dare ya.

Bengals cornerback Simeon Castille talks with students at Escambia County High School.

Mike Brown was on hand for an announcement that $23.2 million of the federal stimulus money will be given for the Banks.

Conner Barwin says:

"I don't know too many guys who can compare their value to what I do," he explained. "I think that right away, no matter what situation I'm in, I'm going to contribute on special teams, which I hear from every single NFL team is a concern [for them]. I know a lot of guys who are here and who have been great in college didn't play special teams. But I've already played them throughout my whole career."