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Wednesday links and notes: Take on Laveranues Coles, Rex Grossman as a backup

Still no word on Laveranues Coles. After leaving Cincinnati on Tuesday, no announcement was made of a signing. His options still appear to be the Bengals and Bills. However, there's a feeling that the Jets could be in the mix, as Coles keeps that option open, however most are still calling that a long shot (and they're probably right).

Anyway, it got us to thinking. Is signing Coles really needed? In truth, we have the lineup and depth. While the experience during the regular season is limited -- Chad Johnson (121 games), Chris Henry (45) and Antonio Chatman (74) are the most experienced -- the Bengals have specifically worked towards this moment from last year's draft until today. They never expected that T.J. Houshmandzadeh wouldn't return, and drafted three receivers and decided not to franchise him either.

So what does bringing in Laveranues Coles do for us? My belief has always been that the Bengals should turnover their talent for the younger players that they've acquired in recent seasons where the depth and organizational planning allows it. I have hinted at the interest of acquiring a veteran wide receiver, however, in reflection, I'm not sure it's something we really need. Keep the money you'd assign to Coles and work towards rebuilding other areas on the team. What about linebacker?

Moving on.

We know the perception of Rex Grossman. He really bombed out late in his Chicago career and his decision making was consistently under fire. However, consider this. He is a Super Bowl quarterback. He has a 19-11 career record. We're not suggesting he should start for the Bengals (that would be, like, the dumbest thing in the history of blogs to say). However, as a backup? Granted, the point that Grossman is still under 30 and would like to start is noted. And coming to Cincinnati is an immediate declaration that you're going to be backup quarterback.

Fooch talks about JTO and Grossman.

I had to read this twice, before I realized that Eric Karabell's's piece about Cedric Benson's return not being exciting, was only about fantasy football.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh will wear #18.

Just as they say that it's too early to judge the Bengals, they also say you're a buffoon if you like anything about this off-season. And to think, we were wondering why the newspaper industry was failing.

Reason #1 why the Bengals shouldn't draft Pat White. "I would love to be a Pittsburgh Steeler." As a Cincinnati Bengals fan, that's the worst thing you could say.

Chick Ludwig's five major problems with the Bengals. Front office, player personnel, services, history, player retention. Can anyone really put together a better top-five?

James Walker asked, "Is Cedric Benson ready to be the full-time starting tailback for the Cincinnati Bengals?" The following is a log of games in which he started.

Opponent Result Att. Yards TDs
Pittsburgh L, 10-38 14 52 0
@ Houston L, 6-35 13 49 0
Jacksonville W, 21-19 24 104 1
Philadelphia T, 13-13 23 42 0
@ Pittsburgh L, 10-27 16 35 0
Baltimore L, 3-34 10 17 0
@ Indianapolis L, 3-35 16 57 0
Washington W, 20-13 21 73 0
@ Cleveland W, 14-0 38 171 0
Kansas City W, 16-6 25 111 1
Record in games he starts: 4-5-1 210 711 2
Averages   21 71.1 0.2

If Chad Johnson played Ping Pong.