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I, For One, Fully Support This


Word is, Rex Grossman will be visiting Cincinnati this week, looking to join a team needing quarterback depth. I, for one, absolutely hope this happens. Don't get me wrong, I'm fully aware of the "baggage" Grossman brings, but in a back-up capacity, is having a player with a likable personality a bad thing? I know, I know. It doesn't matter if we like the player. It only matters if they can or will help the team.

As for Grossman, I'm willing to overlook any Chicago mistakes.  Remember, he was the starting quarterback when the Bears made the Super Bowl, losing to the Indianapolis Colts -- but was Grossman to blame for the loss?  Seeing how he didn't turn the ball over or put his team in a bad position defensively, the answer is no. Corrected in the comments.

How many players with Super Bowl experience are on the Bengals roster again?

Look, the man has a cannon for an arm, and with a back up quarterback, that's not the worst thing to have.  Does he make mistakes on the field?  Sure, but he's not being asked to come in and start or replicate his various successes he had in Chicago.  No, Grossman will be asked to back up Carson Palmer.  Also, it's important to remember the skill players Grossman could potentially have around him if he does have to see the field.

I don't remember there being one offensive player with Chad Ocho Johnson's ability in Chicago, nor a Chris Henry for that matter (Bernard Berrian?  Really?).  If Coles happens to sign with the Bengals, it would give them another weapon -- plus, it would represent the best group of skill players Grossman has played with since he was quarterbacking for Steve Spurrier in Gainesville.

Considering he's capable of steering a defensive team to the Super Bowl, I wonder what he could do with a set of talented players to distribute the ball to.  I, for one, am willing to find out.  I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I sincerly hope the front office pulls the trigger on Grossman.   Would the rest of the league make fun of the Bengals for doing so?  Yes, but is that anything new?  I'll take a couple of "point and laughs" if that lands the Bengals a decent back up quarterback.

Join me in the "Rex for Cincy" cry, won't you?