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What About the Offensive Line?


Now that the Bengals have shown a pulse during this year's Free Agency blowout sale, I have a question: Why haven't they turned their attention towards the offensive line? There are an absolute ton of available offensive linemen as free agents. Why haven't any of them been courted by the Bengals?  Is the draft the only way to go when trying to shore up your unit of Big Uglies?

Take a look at the offensive line players available and ask yourself, "Can anyone of these plug a hole?  If so, why doesn't Cincy go after them?  How about just one of them?"  Names like Khalif Barnes stand out if you are thinking youth movement.  There are also an absolute ton of experienced players available, especially at the Center position.

Seeing how the Coles and Benson signings addressed needed areas, why haven't the Bengals done the same with the offensive line?  An infusion of experience and youthful talent cannot be a bad thing for a team as porous as Cincinnati.  Furthermore, not every free agency signing has to be a blockbuster.  Find a yeoman for a lineman who comes to work everyday and does his job while keeping a low profile. 

Again, not every offensive lineman needs to be a Jake Long/first overall pick quality to succeed in the NFL.  With that in mind, why haven't the Bengals rolled out the red carpet for every free agent OL with a healthy pulse?