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Report: Bengals expected to sign J.T. O'Sullivan

Let's see, veteran wide receiver. Check. Re-sign starting running back. Check. Re-sign impressive off-the-street safety. Check. Find a veteran backup quarterback.

Per Adam Schefter, the Cincinnati Bengals are expected to sign J.T. O'Sullivan -- whom Fooch calls J.T. O'Mulligan (yikes). As of right now, there is no confirmation or announcement to this report. Rex Grossman, who generated much interest (good and not-so good) in the community was expected to visit the team on Thursday. However, that was only known after Grossman said he'd be visiting Cincinnati.

O'Sullivan has been in the NFL since 2002, that includes stints with the Saints, Packers, Vikings, Patriots, Panthers, Lions and 49ers. In other words, a journeyman backup. Last season, with the 49ers, O'Sullivan completed 128 of 220 passes for 1,678 yards, eight touchdowns against six picks -- by far his most productive season.