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Thursday Links and Notes: Does Dallas releasing Terrell Owens open the door to trade Chad Johnson?

C Trent made an observation (we've been having problems accessing 1530's blogs this morning). Does the Dallas Cowboys releasing Terrell Owens open the door for a Chad Johnson trade to Dallas? Might not work though, with Dallas now forced to carry $9.675 million of dead money. We don't think that Chad is valuable enough any more to carry the weight of a first round pick, however, a second round is feasible and a 2010 conditional pick seems just as likely. It's an interesting thought, and the fit works, as do the long running story lines in the past. It's an interesting thought (and likely a future debate), but I think a heavier argument could be made keeping Johnson in Cincinnati.

A tragic story in which Laveranues Coles conquered, and helps other people conquer (h/t Lance).

The Sports Guy Blog says that Coles doesn't have anything left.

John Thornton says that he heard Gil Brandt predict that the Bengals are a playoff team in 2009.

Ravens added Pro Bowl center Matt Birk -- it was three years for $12 million, $6 million guaranteed and $9 million in the first two seasons.

The Associated Press writes about how Cedric Benson turned his life around, and that he now gets it.

If you watched Lost last night, did you get a nose bleed watching it?