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Breaking down Cedric Benson's deal with the Bengals

On Tuesday it was announced that the Cincinnati Bengals signed their priority running back target in Cedric Benson. The original figures are for two years and $7 million. We're not exactly sure how much of that is guaranteed. What we do know, is how the contract breaks down annually. We can also make conjecture as to what the signing bonus was as well.

In 2009, Benson will make $1.4 million and in 2010, he'll make $2.65 million. We're assuming that the rest of the deal was a $3 million signing bonus, which roughly brings the total to $7.05 million. Also keep in mind that any one season, perhaps both, could also be guaranteed making it a fully guaranteed deal. No reports have surfaced as to the salary breakdown beyond this.

(Numbers obtained from the NFL Players Association)