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Saturday links and notes; story-telling is an addictive interest, and Paul Robinson's son passes away

A friend of mine recommended a show on AMC called, Breaking Bad. I still haven't had time to settle down to watch it yet, but he tells me it's a great show. One thing I love is story telling. Good story telling. Books ranging from spy espionage, epic fantasy and science fiction to movies; observing how a character develops, how the story is told and how much investment we're forced to put into the characters. Along with this website, I write short stories and have a deep interest on how others tell stories. For the past several years, I've worked on putting together a collection of short stories as well as several working novellas. I'm not rushing them, but my goal is to get them published eventually. Make a name for myself as an author. It's ambitious, but we all have our hobbies that we do whether we get paid or not -- blogging here, for example.

Along with books and movies, there are three shows that have a unique method of story telling that I've watched lately. Shows like Lost, Heroes and 24. They're unique in their own right, develop characters that find yourself invested in. Lost tells a story through a fragmented timeline, flashbacks, flash-forwards, and now they're time traveling. It's a mind-trip, but it's a fun experience. The show 24 is obvious, completing a massive story within the time frame of one day. And the show Heroes appeals to the comic book fan in all of us. HBO's original series', like The Wire and The Sopranos, are massive successes and highly recommended if you've never seen them -- especially The Wire.

Do you guys have any books, shows or movies that you'd recommend? Shows with an awesome story, great character development and everything that makes it worth it?

We're short on the Bengals links today.

Paul Robinson's son suffered from Melas Syndrome, a rare form of dementia. He died on February 23. You can reach Robinson to send your condolences. For those of you that don't know, Robinson was drafted for the team's inaugural season and the team's feature back that year. The two-time Pro Bowler won several awards his (and the Bengals) rookie season, in which he led the AFL with eight touchdown rushing, 238 rushing attempts, and 1,023 yards rushing.

1968 - Sporting News: 1st team all-conf.
1968 - Associated Press: 1st team all-AFL
1968 - Pro Football Writers: 2nd team all-AFL
1968 - Newspaper Ent. Assoc.: 1st team all-AFL
1968 - NY Daily News: 1st team all-AFL
1968 - Pro Football Weekly: 1st team all-AFL
1968 - UPI: 1st team all-AFL

Chick Ludwig thinks that cutting Dexter Jackson was addition by subtraction.

James Walker is still scratching his head why the Bengals franchised Shayne Graham rather than T.J. Houshmandzadeh. However, he thinks that the depth at wide receiver is there (which it is) and there's no reason to believe that the Bengals will draft Michael Crabtree early in the draft.