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Breaking down Coles' base salary, Thornton and Ghiaciuc to return?

I guess George Foster and Naufahu Tahi are no longer targets.

If there's a "need" that the Bengals shouldn't address this year, it's drafting Jared Cook, a tight end.

Breaking down Laveranues Coles' base salary

2009 - $1.9 million
2010 - $4.65 million
2011 - $6.4 million
2012 - $6.4 million

The Bengals might be interested in bringing back John Thornton and Eric Ghiaciuc. Thornton, we like. We can understand bringing him back only strengthens the lockerroom. However, Ghiaciuc?

The reason the Bengals signed backup quarterback J.T. O'Sullivan was because it was budget friendly.