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Several teams interested in Andre Smith; Bengals a 2009 sleeper?

Even though people made fun of us for drafting Andre Smith during the mock draft, it would seem to me that we know more about what we're talking about. Steve Wyche writes that there's multiple teams Smith plans to meet -- including the Bengals, Ravens, Jets, Eagle, 49ers and Browns. There is an irony here if you can see through it.

What happened with safety Roy Williams?

James Walker asks: could the Bengals be a 2009 sleeper? Hey, I'll take it.

Adam from Bengal Stripes talks Dhani Jones.

Dave likes chronic -- or did we totally misread that?

Does Rey Maualuga need to be closely monitored?

Someone mocks the Bengals drafting Brandon Pettigrew, a tight end, with their second round pick. We understand the point, but tight ends are not critical to our offense like, say, a center.