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Open Thread: Come up with creative nicknames for Bengals players

The best part about working for the government, who my anarchist cousin calls me a trader because I'm working for the man, is that we get every holiday off, and sometimes on the Friday before a holiday weekend, we get early dismissal. My day trade is working technology -- more specifically security (firewalls, antivirus, network monitoring, etc..), with webmaster, data collaboration and novice PC repair work. I've been working the trade professionally for almost 10 years. I was one of those guys that laughed about the doom and gloom the media portrayed Conficker as. But if you have a question about computers, send me an email. We'll chat.

Anyway, I got off early today. So on my ride home, I got a chance to listen to Lance's show, with one of the topics being a reaction to Kevin Blackistone's commentary on nicknames in sports. Or lacking nicknames in sports.

Nicknames. We've come up with a few, but not nearly enough. We call Carson Palmer, the God of the Golden Arms. We call Drew Rosenhaus, Oil Slick. We call Chad Ocho Cinco, Chad Johnson. Mike Brown is known as The Redeemer. In the past, we've called Roger Goodell, Chancellor Goodell. But we don't have much. So while I make my rounds for free beer and free food being my birthday today (sing it for me!), I thought we'd open a thread to discuss nicknames for Bengals players.

The most creative nicknames, win (nothing).