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Palmer is 13-14 in close games; more visits listed for the Bengals

+ Granted, one man can't win a football game. Anyone and everyone knows that all components equal the sum of the total product. A result of previous Bengals teams is that the components weren't always up to par (or even bogey for that matter), thus making the sum of the total product mediocre. Sometimes it's the starters, often times it's the depth. For example, Carson Palmer is only as good as the protection around him, added with the threat of a running game opposing defenses have to anticipate during their pre-snap reads.

However, an indisputable fact is that quarterbacks are judged by their wins. You can excuse why a quarterback doesn't win, but it doesn't change that fact. Unfair? Perhaps. Are running backs graded by their wins? No. Linemen? Only in how they protect the quarterback. Defense? Defense wins championships, remember?

In his career, Palmer has won 32 games in 65 total starts. Currently, he's on a four-game losing streak while only winning seven of his last 23 starts. Of those 16 losses, nine were within one possession. The Bengals are 13-14 in close games (games decided by eight points or less) in which Palmer starts.

Is this a state of things with Palmer? Of course not; it's far from it. In fact, it's rather unfair to attach this stat to him in such a meaningless format. I agree that all the parts have to equal the sum, and while quarterbacks are honored for their ability to win, and demeaned for their inability to prevent losing, it's often on a scale that's considered way too unfair. But it's also the reality. Quarterbacks are judged by their wins.

+ Joe Reedy goes on the record acknowledging and explaining why the Enquirer originally responded to the Bleacher Report article in which Chad Johnson was traded to the Raiders for a second-round pick and Michael Bush. "Last Saturday, I received numerous e-mail and Twitter messages asking if the report were true," Reedy said. "Later, the report was brought up on local radio, meaning it officially had entered the mainstream. That left us with no choice but to come out and debunk the rumor after checking with the Bengals and reporters in Oakland."

I think Reedy has done a fine job carrying the ball of Bengals beat writer for the Enquirer since taking over for Mark Curnutte. I've held no complaints, and his work keeps me focusing on the content of what's being reported; rather than addressing the author, which bad reporters make us do. So I think he's doing great. I also understand his, and the Enquirer's, reasoning for posting something like this because it "entered the mainstream".

At the same time, I'm still not sure how much of a necessity it was for any of the established and credible media to acknowledge this. Reedy's explanation makes sense to me, but I'm not sure if it's good business to respond to a site like Bleacher Report, who encourages fans to create an account, post whatever they want while using the oversight of a "writer rankings" system to determine the quality and (dare I say it) authenticity of an alleged report.

So all I suggest here is let contemporary blogs like Cincy Jungle reference the rumor, debunk it and have some long-standing criticism that makes people realize that we simply don't let things go (see Joey Porter).

+ Reedy writes of the offical visits by prospects recently, or will be (the following doesn't include the the local workout on Tuesday but is posted in Reedy's post).

Running backs: Chris “Beanie” Wells (Ohio State), Donald Brown (Connecticut), Knowshon Moreno (Georgia), Rashad Jennings (Liberty).

Fullbacks: Fui Vakapuna (BYU), Will Ta’ufo’ou (California). Offensive tackles: Jason Smith (Baylor), Andre Smith (Alabama), Michael Oher (Mississippi). Centers: Eric Wood (Louisville) Offensive guard: Tyronne Green (Auburn) 

Wide receivers: Jeremy Maclin (Missouri), Derek Kinder (Pitt), Johnny Knox (Abilene Christian), Dudley Guice (Northwestern State) 

Defensive linemen: Jayon Belcher (Maine) 

Linebackers: Nick Reed (Oregon), Aaron Curry (Wake Forest) 

Cornerbacks: DeAngelo Willingham (Tennessee), Derek Cox (William & Mary).

 Safeties: Al Afalaya (Oregon State).

If the Bengals go for a center, you'll note that the only center they've brought is Louisville's Eric Wood. Now, it's important to point out that visits typically mean little in comparison to the team's draft prospects. Maybe they've seen enough of Alex Wood and Max Unger that they don't need to visit with either player. On the other hand, maybe they're set on drafting Wood. You really just don't know.

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