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Eagles trade a first for Tackle Jason Peters; kills rumors of any Johnson to Philly trade

Many of you might not think of it very significant that the Philadelphia Eagles traded for Bills offensive tackle Jason Peters Friday afternoon (provided he passes his physical). But it is. Two reasons.

One. For those you thinking that the Eagles could use one of their first round picks in a trade for Chad Johnson, that's gone. The Eagles were largely speculated as the best landing spot during trade rumors. The Giants were another team, however with rumors of a Braylon Edwards trade coming, that seems out too. Whether or not you want Chad traded isn't my point; we've beaten if, and for what into the ground. It's that if the Bengals were looking to trade Johnson, those options just narrowed.

Also, there was a possibility that the Eagles could move up the draft, positioning themselves for one of the offensive tackle prospects early in the first round. If they traded for a spot higher than the Bengals, there was a likelihood that Cincinnati would be forced to remove tackle possibilities from their first-round board. Not only did the Eagles dump their second first-round pick, but they acquired their left tackle.