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Boom, Bam, Bang, Well Miss you Mr. Madden

John Madden's retirement ends one of the most enjoyable eras in football broadcasting.  The telestrator was never abused so well than by big John. So who is now going to be the leading candidate to fill his shoes? Who is going to be the NFL's leading color commentator? Will it be our own Chris Collinsworth?  This is a debate I present to all bloggers. If you all feel so inclined to weigh in on who has taken Keith Jackson's spot atop the NCAA, feel free to weigh in as well.

Who are my picks? In the NFL I really like listening to Troy Aikman and his old buddy Daryl "Moose" Johnson. Some of the sideline reporting could go away. Just update us on injuries and game related information. All the human interest stuff can wait for halftime. I don't see anyone on the college level beating out Kurk Herbstreet or the NCAA ESPN Game Day cast.