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Too early to drink the annual pre-season Kool-aid?

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Geoff Hobson is right about one thing; the young wide receivers, Chris Henry included, have to step up "if this offense is going to get anywhere near where it was in 2005." If you take anything from his latest, it's that if they do step up then they are doing their part to get there. Henry is different. Jerome is improving his technique. Caldwell the natural Houshmandzadeh replacement? Palmer is throwing at 100% -- becoming an active vocal leader that so many slammed him for not being? Cedric Benson provided enough of a lift to assist in a three-game winning streak to close the season. All they need to do, is improve the offensive line. And even that stabilized late in the season. With some added depth, a starter or two in the draft, the line could even vastly improve.

Holy crap. Am I drinking the Kool-Aid?

Chad. Calling Chad. You there, buddy? Anyone? Hello?

Joe Reedy is intrigued with the team's second-round pick, talking mostly about running back Donald Brown.

Turf Show Times found a way for the Bengals to draft Jason Smith.

Yours truly, along with other members of the Bengals blog community, took part in a article that generally talked about the team.

Josh Shirley, younger brother to Jason, is one of the top recruits in California.

I think Carlos Holmes' point in his latest "Everyone wants to be Bengals' GM" is well done.