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SI: Raji tested positive; suddenly high-risk for Bengals?

Well, then. If you believed that Andre Smith was more of a character risk than B.J. Raji, then Sports Illustrated says "Ha, joke on you."

Defensive tackle B.J. Raji, whose draft stock has soared over the past six months, had a positive drug test at February's combine, NFL team sources have told It's unknown to which drug triggered the positive result, but NFL scouts were made aware before the 2008 season that Raji had tested positive for marijuana during his time at Boston College.

Weigh the options between the two -- who are highly selected in most mock drafts. Smith goes all weird during Combine. Raji joins Dave and smokes the chronic. No matter how you dice it, the Bengals will unfairly be characterized the same way they've been characterized since 2006 if they select either player.

UPDATE: Think I'm losing my edge, while Mr NC-17 bests me to the punch. Viciously. By 15 minutes.