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Dhani Jones is going to hurl tonight on Travel Channel

When I was in college, the sport of Hurling meant something entirely different than what many others know of it today. Back then, it was a right of passage towards being a man. And boy, what a man I became. Dhani Jones is going to hurl, which is a bit, well, less messy. Thanks to Ben, here's tonight's preview:

This Monday, travel with NFL linebacker Dhani Jones to Ireland as he tackles the national sport of Hurling. The episode premieres at 9 PM E/P and I wanted to share some details and a preview video.

Ireland's hurling team invites Dhani to participate in this fast, bloody and brutal stick and ball game. Hurling is known as the sport of the "everyday Irishman," and Dhani struggles to grasp the basics of the game.

Off the field, Dhani seeks out a true Irish experience with sheep-shearing, drinking lot's of Guinness and visiting Dublin's famous Temple Bar area for a good time. In the end, see if he is embraced by the passionate Irish community.