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Housh and Cinco Cry Together


After a brief delay, Josh's resident blogger is back with some news that's bound to make you laugh. Or cry. Or maybe just roll your eyes and say "Not this **** again." All responses are appropriate. What we have here is unfortunately not a Cincinnati reunion of the best Bengals receiver tandem, perhaps ever.

No, what's going on is Chad apparently still wants out of town so badly, he has started crying to his old running mate who now resides in Seattle about the woes of remaining a Bengal.  It's a hard-knock life, Chad:

Via USA Today:

"Chad Johnson called me today. Crying," Houshmandzadeh said. "He wonders why everyone can get traded but him."

Seeing Jason Peters traded from Buffalo to Philadelphia and the Cardinals' willingness to deal Anquan Boldin may be making Ocho Cinco (the man formerly known as Chad Johnson) jealous.

The Bengals have not indicated they are willing to move Ocho Cinco thus far.

I can understand how being a professional football player making millions, while having a Pro-Bowl-worthy quarterback throwing you the ball can be heartbreaking.  I mean, who here doesn't feel badly for Chad "Don't Call Me Johnson" Ocho Cinco?  How can you not?

In other news, am I the only one who is now hoping the Bengals entertain someone -- anyone -- who is willing to part with a decent first-round draft pick for Ocho Johnson's services?  The Bengals can draft their o-lineman with the sixth pick and use the additional first-rounder to draft any of the high-level receivers who have seen their stock drop as of late.

Or hell, how about this:  Trade COC for a first (and whatever else gets packaged), draft Crabtree with the sixth pick and spend the rest of the draft  on improving Carson Palmer's protection.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  STHU requests?  Leave them below.