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So there's a draft coming up; Twittering; whoever drafts Donald Brown, wins!

In truth, I'm still lost on this Twitter thing. I thought I had it figured out. Create an account, throw links up there, and we'd have some more friends. Then someone suggested to me that I install this thing called TweetDeck, which supposedly makes it all easier to manage. Little did I know I hundreds of personal messages that I didn't even know existed; which means everyone inside the Twitter world thinks I'm a jerk. So I'm going to try to do the Twitter a little better and maybe learn how to respond to something.

+ Who Dey Fans likes the pickup of running back Gary Russell. We did too. I asked Behind the Steel Curtain's Blitzburgh what he thought and concluded that it's a "good pick up for your team from a depth perspective." However, Steelers fans still aren't sure why he was put on waivers in the first place, though the team called it a salary cap casualty.

On Tuesday at 7pm, Local 12 will run a show called "On the Clock" which will preview this weekend's draft with head coach Marvin Lewis and staff.

As much as we like to gush about character, being a role model, staying humble and improving other people's lives has little to do with being awarded as the team that had the best draft of all teams. Football has little to do with being awesome in character; a lot more has to do with giving Steelers safeties and wide receivers concussions.

Odds where Chad Johnson could go if he were to be traded.

Joe Reedy talks about drafting a running back to compliment/support Cedric Benson.

In the Enquirer poll asking who the Bengals should select with their first pick, it's overwhelmingly Eugene Monroe. The top three vote-getters are offensive linemen.

James Walker, who doesn't favor the Bengals all the much, writes "few teams have a better opportunity to dramatically improve its roster this weekend than the Bengals."

Yes, it's weird that has a feature article on, arguably, the franchise's biggest bust. Chick Ludwig has a flash back, then details Mike Brown's history of drafting players.

Adam Caplan mocks that the Bengals will draft defensive end Brian Orakpo (sigh).

Alex Marvez looks at trade possibilities, listing Chad Johnson as one. In his estimation, likely compensation to get a trade done is a second-round pick, calls the odds for a trade "fair" and landing in Oakland as the most "intriguing destination point."

As per Dave, Chinedum Ndukwe's website is now up.

Bengals Gab explores options in the first round.