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Report: Gary Russell cut from Pittsburgh after police raid

Thanks to Behind the Steel Curtain (who lavishes in throwing our Bengals pride into a blender, uncorking that sonabitch at high speed and laughing like Dr. Evil), the previous report that Gary Russell was cut because of a salary cap casualty proved false.

In fact, you'll love this.

By way of Steel City Insider, Gary Russell was reportedly waived from the Steelers, "after police found marijuana during raid of house where he was staying."

Here's where this can be tricky. First, I can't actually read the report -- I'm broke. And an account with would make me broker. Second, this by no means condemns Russell; wrong place, wrong time argument -- or the Jamal Lewis "you can use my cell phone" argument. We just don't know.

This story seems to be in development stages and we'll update when we find them (aka, Google News searches every hour).

Begin disapproving, disappointment and finger waving. Now.