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Anyone can be a Draft Expert

I have a guilty pleasure -- mock drafts. I love the mock drafts. Thanks to all of our readers I know I am not alone.  I know that beyond the first 15 picks, they are ridiculous speculation but I can't help myself. 

Todd McShay of Scouts Inc. has now extended his mock draft to seven rounds which raises the bar in terms of its absurdity.

Nonetheless, let's take a look at McShay's projected Bengals picks:

Eugene Monroe, OT, UVA

Eric Wood, C, Louisville

Jared Cook, TE, South Carolina

Jeremiah Johnson, RB, Oregon

Victor Harris, CB, Virginia Tech

Matt Shaughnessy, DE, Wisconsin

Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston State

George Hypolite, DT, Colorado

Quan Cosby, WR, Texas

Antonio Appleby, MLB, University of Virginia

Anthony Felder, OLB, Cal

McShay's first two picks are no-brainers. 

Cook in the third makes some sense. Experts say he can add weight, ran fastest 40 among TEs, and won the weight-room award at South Carolina so has good work ethic.  Sounds like a good pick. 

After this, it gets more complicated.  Keep in mind that the Bengals can stretch on a couple of picks because all 11 draft choices will not make the team. 

McShay's next two picks are good football players but raise questions.  In the late third round, McShay has Bengals picking Oregon RB Jeremiah Johnson.  I don't like this pick.  Johnson can play football but has limited upside due to average speed, body type that won't allow him to add weight, and injury history (knee).  In the fourth, Hokie CB Macho Harris has average speed, is a poor run tackler and reportedly has some character questions but he sure looked good against our beloved UC Bearcats in the Orange Bowl.  Not sure about him either.  In the AFC North, don't we need corners who can tackle?

Former Oklahoma QB Bomar is an interesting pick.  Great athlete. Poor decision maker with character question.  Very little risk for the Bengals in picking him late when they have 11 picks.  

Draft Guru Mel Kiper has the Bengals taking Andre Smith, Cal C Alex Mack and Utah DE Paul Kruger in first three rounds, followed by Rashad Jennings, a RB from Liberty.  Jennings had two brothers play in the NFL , has great work ethic, and played one season at Pitt before transfering.  He reminds me of Rudy Johnson.  Mel has the Bengals drafting LSU FB Quinn Johnson in the 4th Round.  If Mel has it right, I am happy. 

I have written that I want to see OT, C, DE or LB, RB in first four rounds so was glad to see Mel agreed with me.  Great minds think alike.