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Talk of 49ers trading up could impact the Bengals

Iggy brought up a recent PFT post in which suggests that the San Francisco 49ers could be specifically targeting offensive tackle Andre Smith and quarterback Mark Sanchez. The problem? Well, in Smith's case, the Bengals are often viewed as targeting him, provided Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith have already been picked. Monroe and Jason Smith are viewed as better pass blockers, so they'd likely target those two before Andre Smith to solidify Carson Palmer's protection. However, in that PFT post, it also suggests that the Green Bay Packers are interested in Andre Smith.

So in order to make either selection, "49ers G.M. Scot McCloughan suggested that teams might try to trade up". That means that the 49ers would have to trade ahead of Cincinnati for one of the top five spots. Or they could give the Bengals a very nice offer to take their spot. Something like trading off first round picks, a Sunday pick and center Eric Heitmann. Just an idea. However, if the 49ers pull off the trade with any of the teams not projected to take a tackle, that could leave Michael Oher as the remaining offensive tackle by the sixth pick. If that's the case, do we go after Oher, or do we start thinking defense?

Another thought is that if the 49ers are looking to grab quarterback Mark Sanchez, the Bengals might be able to milk San Francisco for a third round pick. Again, just thinking.

Of course, there's the third option. It's all bullcrap (or is it bull crap?)