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Gearing up for the draft; we'll be here

Well, this sucks. That was the reoccurring thought in my mind just before I completed my admissions form at Arkham Asylum. I couldn't access the site. Firewall was fine, router was fine. No infections. No security breaches. Only a nagging ISP that allowed decent response times to every website on the net (I checked!), except for Cincy Jungle. My friends could access it outside of my ISP. So I was disgruntled, breaking keyboards, punching my desk, freaking out my coworkers. You think I'm being sarcastic. Well, let me tell you. I kind of am. Illustration is always more effective.

Regarding draft weekend, we'll be here. All day Saturday and all day Sunday (I got permission). We'll have an open thread about the day's events, a new thread/post about each pick and so forth. So when the Bengals select Mark Sanchez, make sure you add your voice to the chorus. We'll try to score interviews with the respective college blogger in the SB Nation network. We also have people on site in New York at the Draft, and I plan on absolutely abusing the resources of Mocking the Draft. There's parties in Cincinnati. If you're having one, you're more than welcome to promote it. We're Bengals fans first. Friends second. Competition third. I guess the first two are interchangeable. Anyway, stop by. Say hi. Tell us why you think the Bengals should draft Mark Sanchez. I can promise you this, Chris Crocker crying for Britney Spears will not happen at Cincy Jungle. I assure you.

Even if the Bengals don't draft certain positions, there's a chance that they could sign available free agents. Offense | Defense

In the second round, the Cincinnati Bengals select, Donald Brown, running back, Connecticut.

If trade talks are dead with Braylon Edwards, there's a shot that the Bengals could be in a position to draft a wide receiver.

Philly blurbs asks:

Tony Gonzalez is still a Chief. Anquan Boldin is still a Cardinal. Chad Johnson is still a Bengal. For now. Will one of these veteran offensive Pro Bowl picks be heading to Philadelphia in the next few days?

The AP, by way of the Philadelphia Inquirer says "wide receivers such as Arizona's Anquan Boldin, Cleveland's Braylon Edwards, Cincinnati's Chad Ocho Cinco (formerly Chad Johnson) and Kansas City tight end Tony Gonzalez could be available in trades this weekend." Apparently someone doesn't listen to the honest Bengals head coach one week before the NFL Draft.