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Confirmed: Jeremi Johnson's agent confirms that his client is returning to Cincinnati

We spoke briefly in our roster analysis that the Bengals offense needs a fullback like Jeremi Johnson when enjoying the peak of their successes. We examined the draft, thought that a possibility existed that the team will pick up someone like Johnson later on Sunday.

Well, the Bengals already found someone like Jeremi Johnson and reportedly signed him. His name is Jeremi Johnson.

PFT reports that through a league source, the Cincinnati Bengals "will be re-signing veteran fullback Jeremi Johnson." Now the question is, after being off all of last year due to a knee injury, will Johnson be able to keep his weight down -- a rather sour subject with Johnson every training camp.

UPDATE: Confirmed. writes that Jeremi Johnson's agent confirms that his client is back in Cincinnati.

Agent Peter Schaffer confirmed the deal Friday after it was originally reported by Schaffer says that Johnson is "focused and ready to help the Cincinnati Bengals in any way and get back to his form of two years ago.