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Why the Jeremi Johnson signing doesn't mean much

Some of you are worried about the team re-signing Jeremi Johnson because it could mean that the Bengals have set their position for training camp competitions; which in the long-run is a concern because Johnson is known to have weight problems heading into camp and weight issues causes an increase for the chance of injury.

However, I don't think this signing means anything. Before the 2008 regular season, the Bengals offered an injury settlement to the fullback with the thought that Johnson wouldn't be able to play in 2008 anyway. To free up a roster spot and reduce the cost of having a player on roster that wouldn't contribute to the team's awesome 32nd ranked offense, they said here's a check, good luck. However, another thought is that they probably gave the check to Johnson and said, we'll give you another chance next year; but it's up to you if you want to take advantage of that opportunity. Johnson got the message and the Bengals signed him with the thought that at the very most, he'll compete for the position.

With that said, in my opinion, the Bengals are still looking at the draft for a fullback to establish an open competition for the position. Along with the drafted player and Johnson, the Bengals will allow Daniel Coats and J.D. Runnels to fight it out during an open competition. With only one roster spot between four players, this will give the Bengals the best shot at finding the best player.