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The question for the Bengals in the first round is still about offensive tackle -- but which one?

I have a running theory that I've been holding onto that if Monroe, or possible Jason Smith, are available, the Bengals will select Andre Smith. Many of you agreed in our latest poll asking which of the three tackles that you would select. The results:

Andre Smith - 40%
Jason Smith - 32%
Eugene Monroe - 27% confirms that Andre Smith has rebounded after so many people called his Combine and Pro Day such a disaster that character issues were highlighted. We've thought the same thing for several weeks while anticipating that the Bengals will select the Alabama left tackle.

The Outland Trophy winner is expected to be picked no later than sixth overall by the Cincinnati Bengals, according to sources. If Smith falls, he is not projected to get past the offensive tackle-needy Buffalo Bills with the No. 11 pick.

An interesting point about one of Joe Reedy's latest about Eugene Monroe states that there "are concerns about Monroe’s knees and whether he will be able to remain healthy." So is Monroe's history of injury a concern with the Bengals?

Andre Smith is often viewed as the offensive tackle with the most upside, while Jason Smith is often viewed as the most complete overall tackle right now. Andre Smith is also viewed as being immature while Jason Smith has some leadership qualities to him. Dave Lapham didn't like either Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe's technique while saying Andre Smith has the most balance.

Scenarios do exist in which the Bengals could have their shot at one of the three tackles, depending on how things pan out. After the Lions signed Stafford, the Rams could also go quarterback, the Seahawks could go receiver and the Chiefs and Browns could go defense. Which one will the Bengals pick? By approximately 5 p.m. on Saturday, we'll find out.