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Bengals selection of Andre Smith makes sense and addresses a need

While it was rather surprising inside many circles that the Bengals were only the second team inside the top-six to draft an offensive tackle, many were surprised that the Bengals drafted Andre Smith who's often perceived as a character/immaturity risk.

Now that Smith is in the fold, one has to wonder where he'll fit in. Most project Smith as the team's right tackle; Dave Lapham called him a younger Willie Anderson. With that in mind, the Bengals now have to figure what to do at left tackle. Ideas range from giving the spot to second-year tackle Anthony Collins to giving Levi Jones a one final shot before declaring him DOA.

There's still a shot that the Bengals could be searching for a left tackle after the first round. While it seems like a long-shot, we won't take it off the table just yet.

Drafting Andre Smith, in our view is a fantastic pick and addresses exactly a need to develop depth and talent on the offensive line.