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Resetting the weekend; draft picks and undrafted free agents

I know there's a lot of new stuff that's happened this weekend that will take some time to process -- and I'll do my best to present it easily rather than a bunch of posts detailing the acquisitions. For the time being, here's a run down of players that the Bengals selected in the draft and reportedly after the draft.

In the NFL Draft

Round Overall Selection
1 6 OT Andre Smith, Alabama
2 38 LB Rey Maualuga, USC
3 70 DE Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech
3 98 TE Chase Coffman, Missouri
4 106 C Jonathan Luigs, Arkansas
5 142 Punter Kevin Huber, UC
6 179 CB Morgan Trent, Michigan
6 209 RB Bernard Scott, Abilene Christian
7 215 RB Fui Vakapuna, BYU
7 249 DT Clinton McDonald, Memphis
7 252 WR Freddie Brown, Utah

After the Draft, undrafted free agents (reported by Joe Reedy)

Player Position School
Quan Cosby WR Texas
Marlon Lucky RB Nebraska
Billy Farris QB Colorado State
Ty Steinkuhler DE Nebraska
Colin Dow C Montana

H/T to "the1austin" for finding another list that included all of the above, save for quarterback Billy Farris.

Player Position School
Dan Skuta DL Grand Valley St
Chris Pressley FB Wisconsin
Tom Nelson S Illinois State
Greg Orton TE Purdue

That's reportedly nine undrafted free agents, 11 drafted players, giving you a total of 20 new prospects on the team.