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Levi Jones' Agent: Bengals sending mixed signals

In the article that announced the Bengals latest transactions, Geoff Hobson established contact with Levi Jones' agent.

Not cut was left tackle Levi Jones. Kenny Zuckerman, his agent, said Monday he's getting mixed signals from the club about his client's status. He said the Bengals told him they were going to trade him or cut him by the draft, but after hearing head coach Marvin Lewis' interview with NFL Network over the weekend he said it sounded like Jones was in their plans.

This shouldn't go as any surprise. It seems to me that their thinking was to cut Jones after drafting a left tackle. However, they might have targeted Andre Smith early and realized he's more appropriate as the team's right tackle rather than a left tackle. Keeping Jones, waiting to see how his recovery goes in response to the lesson learned with Willie Anderson, is perhaps the more logical (and patient) route.

Jones' agent had a very different tone with James Walker.

"Nothing has happened so far, but we expect something to happen very shortly," Zuckerman told "The Bengals told me it was highly likely that he would be traded or released."

So the team is giving mixed signals. However, with Walker, Zuckerman had a much more certain tone to Jones' future. We're not sure when each interview was scored; if it was before or after the announced cuts.