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Tuesday Links and Notes

I asked Conquest Chronicles to give us a brief idea of what we're getting in Rey Maualuga. They were awesome enough to put this profile up for us. Thanks guys!

Paul Daugherty said, "Now that the Bengals have released Chris Perry, they have exactly zero players on their team from the '04 Draft." If by saying zero players, he means Robert Geathers, then he's right.

Bengals Gab says a lot of risk with this draft. I maintain that risk is always an issue with the NFL draft; whether your worried about character, durability or dealing with down-right busts. You always have risk in the draft.

Todd Boeckman is getting a tryout with the Bengals.

Chick Ludwig reviews the team's 2009 Draft.

A three-day NFL Draft on Prime Time? Good grief.

Kind of short fellas. That's the price I had to pay after taking off a few days at work. Now I'm back at work. And it's raining outside.