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Clear Channel cuts 590 employees; Mo, Cutman, Doc and C Trent, all gone

Without divulging details, at my work we were given the grim-reality meeting today regarding the effect the economy is having on us. Basically, no one is safe, there's no money anywhere, and that layouts aren't just reality, but they're a certainty. Doom. It's upon us and it's becoming very real for myself, my friends, you, your friends and our families.

Today Clear Channel acted on the failing economy by laying off 590 employees nationwide on Tuesday. The impact in Cincinnati is that Alan Cutler and Mo Egger had their shows cancelled, while Mo will be retained in some capacity. "I will continue to do sports on the Jim Scott show on 700WLW," Mo writes on his blog. "I will still fill-in on Lance's show, and I'll still get to do this blog."

Paul Daugherty is out Sports Talk, finding out about this morning, while Lance McAlister is projected to take over when the Reds don't play on weeknights.

Another causality is C Trent Rosencrans is gone. No more blog. He does, as Dave pointed out in his post, have a website with namesake as the URL. His 1530 homer blog is already headed for the cemetary of blogs.

Unreal. Yet, very real.

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