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Cincinnati Bengals considered for Hard Knocks

So what does the media do with a team that is perceived as having a bad image, character questions and an owner that's nicknamed the "Redeemer"? Obviously you've got to put them on television. ESPN never took advantage of our bad image, because they somehow find a way to stand on the high ground looking down at everyone; including God, President Obama and the Three Amigos.

However HBO has a different take. They figure that the Bengals would look good on their annual training camp series, Hard Knocks. Problem is that no one but us Bengals fans know the truth; that everyone is getting a glimpse at the soon-to-be AFC North Champions. Steelers fans will rip the team and us, no doubt. But we know why. In fact, it's too fold. Madden Curse. Troy Polamalu. And jealousy.

However, nothing is set in stone, Joe Reedy writes.

Both HBO and NFL Films like teams that train away from their home complexes during training camp, which makes the Bengals a fit. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis also has experience with what the series entails. He was the defensive coordinator at Baltimore during the first year the series ran in 2001.

There is one factor though that would make this seem like a weird arrangement -- team owner Mike Brown rarely gives interviews anymore (and he would have to be on TV plenty for this series).

Well, so much for that.