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Wednesday Links and Notes: Rey at OLB?; NFL rookie pool set; Collinsworth and P-Doc

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I know some of you laugh when I suggest that Rey Maualuga could be competing for the outside strong-side linebacker spot. Why do I think that? I believe there's a better chance he makes the starting lineup there this year. Dhani Jones is a tackler, and Maualuga is athletic enough to play the outside spot. After this year, who knows? Still, all I'm suggesting is that we shouldn't be surprised if it happens. It's about putting together the best pieces at the spots they help the team the most.

The Bengals set have $6,636,324 for their rookie pool. Since I've always deflected the whole financial protocols in the NFL, I direct what that means to Dave, which is basically a rookie capping system.'s Michael Fabiano says that fantasy football owners should keep an eye on Chase Coffman.

Cris Collinsworth on replacing John Madden. "Lots of guys have tried to impersonate John Madden and it just doesn't work." Later he said, "I want to make him proud."

The first Bengals-Steelers match-up during week three was moved up from 1:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Paul Daugherty on his "severing":

At 10 AM Tuesday, I was handed a severance package and shown the door. Literally overnight, I went from being "the future of the radio station'' (Parks) to the parking lot. The whole transaction took 5 minutes. Since I'd never been "severed'' before, I don't know if that's the norm. And obviously, there is no "right'' way to do that sort of thing. Regardless, it was entirely classless and, from what I've heard from others within Clear Channel Cincinnati, not atypical.

Windy City Gridiron rates the AFC North as the division with the best quarterbacks. I mostly agree, but Joe Flacco better than Carson Palmer?