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Should the Cincinnati Bengals look at acquring more? Or are the Bengals set?

Now that the draft is several days complete, there's a refocusing on addressing immediate needs. We saw a quick surge of undrafted free agents that brought in interesting prospects such as Quan Crosby and Marlon Lucky. It's interesting to note that we've found no reference of the team's undrafted free agent signings on I know, I know. Can't say anything until the actual contract is signed. Team policy.

The question now is, what, if any, positions should the team address.

Let's get this party started with an Alex Marvez piece that's titled "Post-draft needs for all 32 teams."

Bengals: Running back. Although finding a backup and potential replacement for Cedric Benson was a top draft priority, the Bengals filled other needs before tabbing Abilene Christian's Bernard Scott in the sixth round. Still, after the draft the Bengals also gave up on Chris Perry, plus cut recent waiver claim Gary Russell.

First off, how could we possibly know what free agents are available? Here. Offense | Defense.

Now it's our turn. What positions should we address? I think Marvez is right, we should still look at running back. Other spots? Should we look at linebacker, safety, or offensive line? Or do you think we're pretty much set?