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Flashback: Cincy Jungle predicted a nine-win season... in 2008

Dave (Stripe Hype) and I had once planned on doing segments in which we'd banter on a collection of chosen topics picked by you, our minions readers. I found one dating back from July 2008. We called it Fact or Myth -- the creative juices were rolling, I tell you.

The first question posed was if Marvin Lewis was on the hot seat. Both of us said myth. Dave said, "Myth. I can only laugh when I see this. Oh, sure, if the Bengals have a season like 2002's he might be gone (though even then, I doubt it), but there's no 'playoffs-or-bust' situation in Cincinnati." Thankfully, they won two games more than 2002. I said, "I feel so strongly that Marvin Lewis is safe with his job, the Bengals could go 1-15 for the season and Lewis remains."

The second question. Will the Bengals defensive suffer after losing Justin Smith? We both said no. In fact we're better. But don't you wonder how good the defense would have been if we kept Smith? Yea, hasn't occurred to me either. The third question. Will T.J. Houshmandzadeh leave after the 2008 season? We both said yes. Dave said, "are they going to re-sign a 32-year-old wide receiver, who is rumored to want No. 1 money, if they have to throw big bucks elsewhere on the offense, too? I'm not seeing it, especially if Simpson and Caldwell pan out."

Now, the fourth question; the one in which we were asked, Fact or Myth, "the Bengals will go 8-8." I'll just post my response right here.

Josh: Myth. To be honest, I think the Bengals have a manageable schedule this season. Outside the rough AFC North, the Bengals biggest challenges are the Giants, Cowboys and Colts. We can add the Jaguars in there too. As long as the injury bug doesn't bite them (and I challenge anyone to tell me that's just an 'excuse') and the supposed returns of Rudi Johnson and Chris Perry are similar to 2005, I not only think the Bengals will be competitive, but they'll win. I've always been an optimistic fellow, so I'm saying the Bengals could win 10 at the most, but 9-7 is a very realistic forecast.

That gust of wind you felt was me whiffing, bad. Really bad.