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Friday Links and Notes: Self-admitted Migraine sufferer

Since a child, I've been victim to violent migraine bouts. Most people recognize them as bad headaches, but they are so much worse than that. In my case, thirty minutes before the headache hits, my left hand goes numb and then my vision becomes blurred. Then my foot goes numb, light becomes way too bright and then once the headache hits, it's so strong that it's nearly impossible to sleep, or to even have a basic thought without focusing the pulsating rhythm inside your head.

Like I said. I've suffered these all of my life. And I had suffered another today. But I'm getting back to form now, digging through the day's news, reading thoughts and opinions of you guys and generally getting back into synch.

+ Cinbengal_85 asks, why not trade our sixth for the Broncos 12th and 18th to put them position to draft Mark Sanchez. I like that thought a lot. However, I'd worry about the USC linebackers suggest based on this very unsubstantiated report that Clay Mathews and Brian Cushing tested positive for steroids at the combine, a report that Matthews' agent Rick Serritella has already refuted.

I do like the original point though -- trading our sixth pick for the one of the Broncos 1st round picks -- and then maybe the third pick. Hell, let's include Chad Johnson in the deal and maybe make out with both first round picks. I know, it's a stretch, but unlike Mike Brown, I like the idea of feeling things out.

+ We wrote in early February that Cincy Jungle had learned that the Bengals were very interested in punter Kevin Huber -- three-time All-American team. Mr NC-17 points out that Huber will be among the local products during the team's local prospect day. Aaron Wilson writes that the day is April 10 -- however, most of the reports we've read have that date on April 14.

+ James Walker charts the team's list of drops from wide receivers in 2008. The one receiver that dropped 57.1% of his passes is no longer on the team. Who says there isn't change?

+ Chick Ludwig argues that Marvin Lewis doesn't deserve an extension on a contract that expires after the 2010 season -- many coaching contracts are expiring around then in fear of the lookout that seems more likely as the days pass. He does say that this is only applicable if Lewis doesn't get the team back to the playoffs. I don't think it's a bad point. But I argue that Lewis might be the best coach we get under this ownership atmosphere. Then again, it's not like his game decisions haven't gone without it justified scrutiny. If this were a Vegas bet, I'd push.

+ Ken Zampese will be at the Miami University for the annual Cradle of Coaches Clinic this Saturday hosted by new head coach Michael Haywood.

+ Michael Oher has a good head on his shoulders, and Bengals assistant coaches are keeping tabs on the prospect left tackle.

"I talked to offensive line coaches (from) the Cincinnati Bengals, the St. Louis Rams, and San Francisco 49ers, guys like that. I've always been the type of guy who always feels so blessed because of where I came from and the way that I grew up. It's always going to be a shocker to me (when someone calls) because this is a billion-dollar business. So it's big every time. It's just work right now. That's it. It's definitely something you've got to take serious, you know."

+ If you enjoy reading articles that stress the improved work ethic by Jerome Simpson -- and as a result his sudden maturation and understanding of what it takes to be in the NFL -- you'll enjoy Joe Reedy's latest.

+ Cedric Benson will be in Austin, Texas this Saturday to sign autographs at the "Pro Player Day".

+ Bleacher Report thinks that tOSU quarterback Todd Boeckman would be a good fit in Cincinnati.