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Whatever happened to NFL Network's Adam Schefter?

There has been a name within the NFL Media landscape that we haven't heard from in a while. On the blog, his last entry came a month ago on March 6. His last article came on February 26. I don't have NFL Network, so I can't say whether he's been on the program or not.

Neil Best says he hasn't been on NFL Network's "Total Access" since March 6.

What's the reason?

Best writes:

All Schefter would say about it Monday was this: "I’m under contract to NFL Network until the middle of August, and I’ve been very happy there and I’m hoping we can work things out."

Hmm. OK, so it appears there is a lack of an agreement on the financial terms of a contract extension. From what I have heard, this involves a quite substantial gap.

But why the mysterious disappearance from the network at the busiest time of the offseason?

The NFL Network's statement on this matter: "We are moving forward with the talented staff who will be on NFL Network and during the 2009 season."

So a writer, whom many respect in the industry, is holding out for more money? Is that how we're viewing this?