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DE Ty Steinkuhler signs with the Cincinnati Bengals? Denied. He signed with the NY Jets

It was originally reported by Joe Reedy and some New England Patriots blog that the Cincinnati Bengals signed defensive end Ty Steinkuhler from Nebraska as one of several undrafted free agents. However, these signings appear to be mostly speculation outside the team's acknowledgments while remains dark on the subject. I also acknowledge that maybe I missed them, but the undrafted free agents are still absent from the team's roster. So for the time being, we have to rely on other outlets to get our information.

Steinkuhler, one of the undrafted free agents, was originally reported as having signed with the Bengals. However, Scout NFL Network, by way of, writes:

Numerous media outlets reported that Nebraska DT Ty Steinkuhler had agreed to terms or signed with the Cincinnati Bengals as a rookie free agent, but has been told by his agent that Steinkuhler has actually signed a contract with the New York Jets.