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The 1921 Cincinnati Celts

Football in the state of Ohio has such a rich history and influence on the game itself, that fathers, innovators, creators, progressionists, words that define creativity and originality, were either born, played or coached in the Buckeye State. We're proud that men like Paul Brown and Sid Gillman -- among so much more -- influenced the sport coming through the state. The first professional football league was founded in Canton, along with teams in Canton, Cleveland, Dayton, Akron and Cincinnati -- who took on the name the Cincinnati Celts.

The Cincinnati Celts played one season, recording a 1-3 record under head coach Mel Doherty -- also the team's center.

Week Date Opponent Result
1 10.2.1921 @ Akron Pros L, 41-0
2 10.16.1921 @ Muncie Flyers W, 14-0
3 10.23.1921 @ Cleveland Indians L, 28-0
4 11.27.1921 @ Evansville Crimson Giants L, 48-0

The 1921 Cincinnati Celts team roster.

Name Position
Ferris Beekley G
Ken Crawford BB
Dane Dastillung G
Fred Day T
Mel Doherty C
Guy Early G
Earl Hauser E
Shiner Knab WB
Art Lewis T
Lynch G
Frank McCormick FB
Tommy McMahon FB
Tom Melvin E
George Munns TB
Ohmer WB
Henry Orth G
Walt Schupp T
Dave Thompson WB
Pete Volz E

When the American Professional Football Association formed in 1920, the Traveling Team wasn't originally invited, joining a year later in 1921. Before the league was renamed as the National Football League, the Celts withdraw from the league, remaining an amateur team until 1923.