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Chad Johnson isn't even considered in New York; but he's on the trading block?

+ One would think that when a team like the New York Giants release wide receiver Plaxico Burress, that veteran wide receiver Chad Johnson could receive some chatter for trade possibilities. After their first-round pick (29th overall), the Giants have two second-round picks; the 45th overall thanks to the Jeremy Shockey trade. However, Chad Johnson is simply not on the early-mention trading radar -- that's going to younger receivers like Anquan Boldin, Braylon Edwards and Brandon Marshall.

Then there is this belated April Fool's article from Bleacher Report that the Oakland Raiders packaged running back Michael Bush and their second round pick for Johnson. Well, we hope for Bleacher Report's sake that it's a belated April Fool's joke; this is the type of stuff that wrecks sites and publications if there's any belief into the authenticity to the piece. We figure that if you throw enough crap at the wall, some of it is bound to stick. Right?

Several minutes after reading that piece, PFT posts a question wondering if Chad is on the trading block, referring to Jason Cole's piece that we examined a few days ago, in which states that Mike Brown told half of his four friends that Johnson is on the trading block.