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Open Thread: Soon on the clock -- who should we pick in the second round?

When we picked up Andre Smith during the SB Nation Mock Draft, we figured we sealed a need by picking up a left tackle that would replace Levi Jones and anchor the line for several seasons. However, did that eliminate the need for our offensive line as a whole?

The question is now worth exploring as we'll be on the clock for our second round pick relatively soon. Pittsburgh picked up the first and only center so far, Alex Mack. All other centers are on the board. As for running back, Knowshon Moreno and Beanie Wells are gone. Do we go with a center? Donald Brown? Connor Barwin? All three are obviously different needs at different positions and we still have several picks to go before knowing exactly what's available to us -- which I'll update as they come.

What should we address in the second round?