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Sunday Links and Notes: Selecting an OT late in the draft suggests the Bengals know scouting

+ It wasn't that the Bleacher Report item about a Chad Johnson trade that surprised us -- it was the level of seriousness it which it was taken. Even for the split-second in which you thought to yourself that trading Johnson for running back Michael Bush and a second round pick made sense, you have to consider that BR isn't what we'd call credible. Joe Reedy reached out to Jack Brennan on Saturday and said "the team would not comment on speculative player moves" (aka, horse dung). One reader pointed out that Alan Cutler was even talking about how awesome Bush is. PFT reacted to it (not the trade, the actual report).

It's reports like these, from sites like this, that damages the rest of us. Many will call BR a blog, and therefore, when said blog lies about a report, it hurts places like CJ. I've held no illusions about it; we're a blog, a group of people reacting to our favorite NFL team. We don't publish news; we react and analyze it. Our end game isn't ratings, hits, or rankings. That will come if you put out a quality product. And I feel in the three years this site has been active, that we're at the top of our game.

Some would ask me, "why did you reference it?" It's simple. I believe in two things that define this site. Knowledge and Discussion. Since the BR didn't really fall under the guise of knowledge, it did prompt discussion -- primarily because Johnson is heavily favored by fans to be trading bait. This isn't Bengals related, so why are we talking about it? In truth, this is a minor introduction to the noobs about our motivations, putting a reason behind the name that's behind the site. This is what we're all about. Knowledge and discussion.

Moving on.

James Walker believes that the best fit for the Bengals in the first round is defensive tackle B.J. Raji, provided if Jason Smith, Eugene Monroe and Aaron Curry are already off the board. Walker has promoted Raji for some time now, consistently calling Michael Oher a reach and Andre Smith a risk. I firmly believe that the Bengals should go after an offensive tackle, but even I admit, talent can be found in all rounds of the NFL draft -- it's a matter of finding that talent with superior scouting, which with the Bengals, well, you know.

Other than the top four tackles in the draft, the Bengals have reportedly shown interest in one tackle that would likely be selected outside the top four prospects. Oregon offensive tackle Fenuki Tupou. Granted, there's a possibility that Cincinnati has more than five offensive tackles on their board, and we only hear about the most popular prospects. Still, based on what we know, if the Bengals don't select a tackle in the first round, then there's only one tackle (that we know of) they've shown considerable interest for.

+ Not to mention that the Bengals are his favorite team, while growing up in the area (played for Elder), Eric Wood is also viewed as being able to play guard in the NFL. This obviously helps the Bengals. Right guard Bobbie Williams is playing the final year under contract. If the Bengals don't draft a start-ready tackle and Levi Jones is let go, then Andrew Whitworth likely moves to left tackle (Anthony Collins on the right) developing an immediate need for left guard. No matter how you cut it, the Bengals are in a need for linemen.

Eric Wood said:

"It would mean a lot. Besides the fact that I'm a fan of the organization, I'm also a fan of Marvin Lewis and the job he has done."

The Matt Birk of Cincinnati?