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Report: Johnson about to lose $250,000 workout bonus... again

Last off-season, around this time, we wrote that Chad Johnson is forgoing his $250,000 workout bonus while demanding to be traded. Obviously, while not attending voluntary off-season programs, Johnson figured that it would let the team know he was serious. Unfortunately for Johnson, he learned that the team was more serious about keeping him than Johnson was about being traded. So he eventually returned.

But that $250,000 workout bonus didn't.

Since last year's show was apparently so amusing, he figured that the fans, teammates and coaches wanted an encore. James Walker writes that Johnson is risking his $250,000 workout bonus by sitting out of voluntary workouts.

According to Ocho Cinco's contract, the five-time Pro Bowler will squander a workout bonus of $250,000 for not participating in this year's offseason program. Most players are required to take part in at least 80 to 90 percent of the voluntary program to earn workout bonuses.