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Tuesday Links and Notes: Foster signs with Lions

George Foster signed with the Detroit Lions on Monday.

One site wrote.

It’s going to take more than one good draft to turn around the Cincinnati Bengals. With all the character issues this team has had, I think it’s high time head coach Marvin Lewis and the Ravens organization took character into account when making their selections.

You know, I started cracking my knuckles, ready to ask -- no, beg, because begging is the only way we cant get examples -- what exact character issues has arisen in the last calendar year. Chris Henry? We're still exclusive in the NFL with character issues? Furthermore, of the past two NFL drafts, how many have involved players with character issues.

Then I realized it was the Ravens organization that required a look into character, as per the site.

Bengals select Michael Oher.

Hobson talks offensive line.

Did you know that Carson Palmer was the fifth-quickest to reach 100 touchdown passes in NFL History?

Best available free agents on offense and defense.

B.J. Raji's reps dispute "a report by two different websites that Raji had failed a test for marijuana at the NFL scouting combine in February."