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Reaction to Tank Johnson signing -- and how the wacky becomes unhinged

Reactions to the Bengals signing Tank Johnson.

The San Francisco Chronicle writes:

Tank Johnson, a defensive tackle suspended for eight games in 2007 for violating the NFL's conduct policy, agreed to a contract Tuesday with the Cincinnati Bengals, a team that frequently has dealt with such issues.

The Chicago Tribute:

Tank Johnson, a player with legal troubles in his background, is joining the Bengals, a team that frequently has dealt with such issues.

The Ass Publication (aka, AP) wrote:

Tank Johnson, a player with legal troubles in his background, is joining the Cincinnati Bengals, a team that frequently has gone this route before.

The National Sports Review writes:

Johnson is only 27 and fits Cincy’s 4-3 better than he did Dallas’ 3-4, but it’s a disturbing addition for a team that already had a laundry list of bad apples.

Disturbing. And where's this list?

The Bleacher Report, now known for throwing enough crap at the wall that something is bound to stick, writes:

So the Bengals, who can now boast both of the Bears' recent jail-related releases (Johnson and Cedric Benson), have lost TJ Housmandzadeh to free agency nor have seen Chad Ocho Cinco this spring, but have added another player with a history of character issues.

This move displays nothing but the consistent lack of a clue from Bengals' management.

As they try to get their franchise back into playoff contention, they continue to show a lack of regard for the character-first environment Commissioner Roger Goodell has instituted in the NFL.

We think that BR's perpetrated lie that a trade with Chad Johnson and the Oakland Raiders was coming on Monday has them a bit emotional, therefore mindless (evident by misspelling Houshmandzadeh's last name), and feeling hurt, so they'll say anything. So if the Bengals do something that BR doesn't understand or agree upon, then likely, the Bengals are doing the right thing. Then again, maybe we should trade Carson Palmer so we can draft Mark Sanchez. Clowns.

AOL's NFL FanHouse didn't like the idea.

People for some reason lose their minds when the Bengals make this type of free agent acquisition. When the Bengals sign someone with off-the-field "issues", the "holier than thou" wackos come unhinged from the sticky walls, preaching with their nanny sticks. However, when the Bengals don't make a move that will obviously help their depth, those same preachy gods go polar-wacko when complaining that the Bengals aren't making a move and management isn't serious enough.

It just goes to show that people really don't know they're talking about.

Yes, I know. It shouldn't bother me. But it does. Not because they're ripping into the team for signing Tank Johnson -- this is actually a good football move. Unfortunately, that little bit gets lost with most commentators who claim to comment on football.

UPDATE: Local flavor.

Bengals Gab had the same talking points.

The Bengals have been trying for the past year to clean up their image and get away from players with troubled pasts. That moto was thrown out the window on Tuesday, as the team signed Tank Johnson, a player more known for his troubles than his play on the field.

However, for the most part, local media/bloggers had no problem with the move.

WhoDeyFans, one of the more level headed sites out there, liked the signing, agreed that helps the defense and unlike me, couldn't give two craps about the media.

Daugherty doesn't mind the signing.

Dave at Stripe Hype can't argue with the move because, he too with a level head, acknowledges that the signing actually helps the defense and that Tank Johnson hasn't even come close to be in trouble for the past few years.

WDR wonders what could it hurt -- if you listen to the pundits, apparently the Bengals are in league with North Korea.

Chick Ludwig says it beefs up the line, with the only question being, "can the big fellow deliver a pass rush?"

Lance likes it too.