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Report: Giants interested in Chad Johnson?

Tis the season to love trading, rumor mills and mongers and classic desperate high-traffic queens sing. Though much more reputable than previous Oakland-worthy trade lies, NFL Network and ESPN began reporting an interest within the Eagles organization for Chad Johnson. However, there's another team. ESPN is reporting that the New York Giants are interested as well. This could be two-fold; losing Plaxico Burress, and preventing an in-division rival from gaining a proven top-tier receiver that desperately wants out of Cincinnati.

However, all that's actually written is a "headline" link that reads "Ocho Cinco's next QB could be Eli"; no actual report connecting the Giants and Johnson were written after the jump.

The one thing that could dissolve this trade possibility is a rumor that the Browns "might soon send receiver Braylon Edwards to the Giants, for a first-round pick and a fifth-round pick."