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Reader: Thirty different NFL teams with at least one arrest since Bengals last arrested player

Ever since the Bengals signed Tank Johnson, we've been keeping our eye on (meaning I'm preaching from my soapbox) people's reactions while it relates to a long-forgotten issue with players being arrested. The issue before was players already on roster, which by default threw Johnson and Cedric Benson under the same umbrella because of the past issues -- which were mostly (but not totally) DUIs, caught with pot and the such.

In 2006 (chart after the jump), the Bengals had eight different players that were arrested in some form with ten different incidents. Since then, they've had three (Quincy Wilson for disorderly conduct, A.J. Nicholson with misdemeanor assault and Chris Henry for assault and disorderly conduct). In Henry's and Wilson's case, the charges were dropped and Nicholson was released. In fact, since 2006, when all the "issues" were picking up mainstream media momentum, only two players remain with the team (Henry and Frostee Rucker).

A reader sent me the link that details arrested NFL players. Doing his own research, the reader said that 30 NFL franchises have had players arrested since the last time any Bengals player got in trouble with the law. That includes seven in Jacksonville and five in New York (Giants). You guys can make more analysis if you want by clicking here and defending your Bengals. (Note: I didn't notice Ahmad Brooks on this list.)

I apologize to those of you that are tired of hearing about this, or just don't care.

The 2006 String of Arrests in Cincinnati


Date Player Incident Resolution
12.9.06 Deltha O'Neal Charged with DUI at a checkpoint. Pleaded to reckless ops
12.3.06 Reggie McNeal Resisting arrest Fined and placed on probation
9.25.06 Odell Thurman DUI Pleased no contest
8.5.06 Eric Steinbach BUI (Boating) Diversion program and fine
7.22.06 Matthias Askew Obstruction of police business, resisting arrest and two parking violations Acquitted. In turn, he sued the city for unlawful arrest and excessive force. City paid him $500,000
6.21.06 Frostee Rucker Two counts of spousal battery and vandalism Sentenced with 36 mounts of summary probation, one year domestic violence counseling and 750 hours of community service.
6.14.06 Chris Henry Provided alcohol to three teenage girls Two days in jail, 88-day suspended sentence
6.3.06 A.J. Nicholson Burglarizing apartment of former FSU teammate No contest, two years probation, 60 days work program
6.3.06 Chris Henry Speeding and DUI Reckless ops, 30-day suspended jail sentence
1.28.06 Chris Henry Concealed weapons charge Hundred hours of community service, two years probation