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Report: Lions plan on taking Stafford, Bengals in position for one of the top-two offensive tackles?

I know, I know. You guys really only want to talk about Chad Johnson trades and character issues with the Bengals. However, there's a lot on our plate -- including a new episode of Lost tonight! Now would be as good a time as any to change the subject. PFT writes that "we’re told that the Detroit Lions currently plan to take quarterback Matthew Stafford with the first pick in the 2009 draft." Granted, it's not always advisable to take PFT for their word -- not because they like to spread lies, rather their sources are sometimes wrong. Furthermore, spreading misinformation tends to outweigh accurate information in the weeks leading up to the NFL draft -- even though I have no idea how misinformation for the first overall draft pick can possibly impact the draft (NO ONE PICKS BEFORE THEM).

Playing off this, if the Lions select Stafford with the first pick, that opens the door for the Bengals. A plausible scenario exists in which Cincinnati could draft Andre Smith with the sixth pick, once Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe were already selected. Many assumed if not Stafford, then the Lions drafted Jason Smith. If they go Stafford, that leaves Smith on the board. The Rams and Seahawks could select an offensive tackle respectively, keeping the scenario that Cincinnati drafts Smith, or Michael Oher, who many call a reach with the sixth pick. However, like the Bengals those two teams have several needs that could leave the Bengals with one of the two top offensive tackle prospects.

Ironically enough, during the SB Nation Mock Draft, the Lions didn't select an offensive tackle (or a quarterback) and we were still left with Andre Smith.

Of course, the Bengals will select a wide receiver anyway, making all of us feel stupid for thinking that blocking is kind of important.